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The Oregon Army National Guard is Oregon's military first responders. Whether civil unrest, natural disaster, or the National pandemic, when called upon, the Oregon Army National Guard is made of Oregonians helping other Oregonians.

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Blake Snyder

I love how the National Guard has been able to provide so many opportunities (Best Warrior Competition 2017, Air Assault School, Minuteman Scholarship) to me that I otherwise would not have been able to do. I can focus on finishing my degree while still serving the State and my community that I grew up in.

Alexandra Varela Lepe

My goals within the National Guard are to become a recruiter. This is my goal because I love the National Guard and the opportunities it has to offer it’s citizen-soldiers. I want to be able to promote these opportunities and to help better as many people’s lives as possible!

Kathrine Bikes

The National Guard has given me so many lessons and opportunities that I would have never gotten elsewhere. But, even greater than that... the Guard gave me some of my greatest friendships. Every day I treasure the connections that I made and the people who truly embody the words ‘best friend’.

Callen Brewer

I am very proud of my accomplishments! I appreciate the opportunities I have through my service and I am thankful that my family is very proud of me as well.

Gabrielle Head

I am extremely into fitness and CrossFit competitions. My team is qualified for the Championships this summer. I love hiking and being outdoors. I love that the National Guard has many opportunities within the organization for anyone to pursue.

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